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Sports Pension

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Sports Pension

As per Sportsman Pension, Sportspersons and Martial Artists are given Sports persons pensions @ Rs. 2,000/- per month. The Sportspersons and Martial Artists benefiting from pension schemes are selected by the government. Sportspersons at least 50 years of age in case of male and 40 years if female are eligible. Relaxation of a maximum period 10 years is provided in case of sudden incapacitate by an injury or is physical handicapped or suffering from serious ailments. The eligible persons income should not exceed Rs. 12,000/- per annum. Further, the nominee should not be convicted of any criminal offence. In case of Martial Arts and Akhadas the applicants should have participated at least 5 times either in state level or District level. Should have made a significant contribution to the recognized Sports & Games including Martial Arts and Akhadas. If in Sports events, the applicant must have represented the State at least twice in Senior or Junior.

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